Odor Investigations in Red Bank, NJ

People are often surprised to learn that they can find a professional to come to their commercial building or home to investigate an odor problem. Odor investigations can be the most challenging of all indoor indoor air quality consulting services. It requires a highly developed skill set to identify odor contaminant sources, communication pathways, and the variable pressure conditions often responsible for the intermittent nature of some odors.

AirWays has been performing investigations of many different kinds of odors in various types of buildings for over 20 years.

Sometimes odors are caused by sewer gas from hidden plumbing drain and waste line leaks, or by microbial growth inside wall cavities, or by unusual chemical offgassing from building materials or furnishings.

If it were easy to locate and correct an odor source, AirWays would not have been called in to investigate such problems so frequently.

Despite what you might be told by many indoor air quality professionals, odor investigations do not require air sampling which is expensive and usually not the least bit helpful. Other indoor air quality consulting firms may just be selling testing services, not practical solutions to challenging problems.

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