Mold Remediation Project Clearance

AirWays is an independent consulting firm with extensive experience in performing microbial assessments. AirWays does NOT offer remediation contracting services. When a mold remediation contractor says they will do their own clearance testing there is an inherent conflict of interest. Not all remediation projects require clearance testing, but some form of post-remediation verification (PRV) should be performed and it should be done by someone working for the building owner, not for the contractor who did the work. AirWays PRV inspections and clearance testing services assure that the contractor has adequately cleaned the remediation work area to meet project specifications or standard industry acceptance criteria.

A professionally remediated environment will contain a minimum of surface dust and levels of mold spore types associated with water damage in buildings.

When you want to be sure that the mold remediation contractor you hired has done what you are paying them to do, call AirWays Environmental Services.