Environmental Health Investigations


Steven Temes, principal of AirWays Environmental Services, has been performing investigations of building-related health effects since 1990. He has interviewed thousands of individuals regarding symptoms and complaints associated with exposure to contaminants in indoor environments. Mr. Temes holds a degree in biological sciences, has 12 years of organic chemistry laboratory experience, and is an industrial hygienist and ACAC Certified Microbial Consultant.

If negative health effects are occurring as a result of exposure to indoor contaminants in your home or workplace, contact Steven Temes at AirWays Environmental Services to discuss the appropriate indoor environmental health consulting services to determine contaminant sources and cost-effective remedial solutions.

Anyone can quickly learn to take samples and use portable measurement instruments. It takes a knowledgeable and experienced health professional to investigate the causes of symptoms experienced by unique individuals in their unique indoor environments. The investigator must also be an experienced building scientist to know how and where to find the causes of indoor air quality problems and to make proper remedial recommendations.

AirWays specializes in the investigation of chemical and microbial hypersensitivity reaction triggers. Chemical sensitivities can be the cause of diverse and severe building-related symptoms. Classic industrial hygiene air sampling is not a useful tool when investigating an individual hypersensitivity reaction to low levels of common environmental contaminants that other people in the same environment do not experience a reaction to.

A majority of medical doctors have received no training in the recognition of neurogenic hypersensitivity reactions triggered by low-level exposures to common environmental chemicals. Persons who have acquired life-altering chemical sensitivities often have difficulty finding any medical help, or even getting their friends and family to believe that their symptoms are real.